Division of Student Affairs Professional Development


Student Affairs New Professional Institute

Foundations: Student Affairs New Professionals Institute is focused on developing new student affairs professionals.  The Institute was created in 2013 to develop systems, opportunities, and programs that allow new student affairs staff members to succeed in their current positions as well as plan for long-term career growth.

Foundations’ goals are to:

  • Set a foundation of core competencies to create excellent student affairs educators
  • Prepare new student affairs staff to become leaders
  • Support and mentor new student affairs staff members at UCSB
  • Create opportunities for networking across the division

New professionals in student affairs at UCSB come from diverse academic and career backgrounds and face the challenges related to politics, philosophical changes, and organizational culture shifts, but with little preparation on how to manage “real-world” organizational challenges. Foundations will prepare new professionals to succeed and provide them with opportunities for intentional and direct discussions, mentoring, and information relevant to the current state of higher education.

Foundations, which is financially supported by the Division of Student Affairs, begins with a three day institute. Additionally, all cohort members are assigned a campus mentor and will engage in monthly professional development seminars and projects.

Student Affairs staff are invited to apply to be a member of the cohort if they consider themselves to be new to a student affairs profession; however, preference is given to staff with a minimum of one year of UCSB experience and a maximum of five years of experience. 

For more information on the Foundations program or the application process, contact co-chairs Kim Equinoa at or Joshua Moon Johnson at