Division of Student Affairs Professional Development

FinAid Institute

The number of financial Aid recipients has increased dramatically over the past several years, reflective of the steep increase in student fees and tuition. Given that over 75% of enrolled students receive some form of Financial Aid, it is expected that many other departments across campus are fielding questions from students regarding financial aid related matters. In an effort to cross-train and educate fellow Student Affairs colleagues on the Financial Aid process, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships hosts a recurring, three-part intensive training course for interested SA Divisional staff. The Financial Aid Institute (FAI) convenes one day per week for three weeks. The intent is to host a new FAI every quarter for as long as there is interest from campus staff- and eventually expand across campus to invite academic staff.

The Institute covers a broad range of topics, including;

  • The FAFSA application process
  • Types of aid from the Federal, State, and Institutional levels
  • Appeals and Services available to financial aid recipients
  • Methodology behind awarding student aid packages
  • Tips for students and look at Cost of Attendance components
  • Hands-on calculation to illustrate Dept. Of ED’s model for gauging a family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • Open forum type Q&A and discussion


If you are interested in participating, please contact Mike Miller at or (805) 893-2118.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships